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From performing at music festivals such as Bacardi NH7 Weekender to Sula Fest and more with Bombay blues-rockers The Tripp, Arrows is musician and songwriter David Britto’s collaborative project launched in 2018. If you haven’t seen Arrows playing a show in Mumbai, you’ve probably spotted and saved his music from Spotify’s ‘Rock in India’ and Apple’s ‘Future Hits’ playlists. Arrows sees Britto meld his relatable and powerful songwriting with some of Indian indie’s most powerful names including Raghav Meattle, Blackstratblues, Tejas, Riya Duggal, Siddharth Barsur, Vernon Noronha and The Lightyears Explode.

As a journalist for the native wing of the iconic music magazine Rolling Stone India, Britto has not only chronicled the country’s art as it makes global waves but also developed a fine ear for the intricacies and diversity of India’s striking, new, original sound. Britto also hosts the My First Record podcast which is noted for being candid and a mini master call on music from some of the best artists of our times. Arrows released his debut EP in September 2023.

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